Technology Integration

Tower City, MemorialExpertise
South Accounting Services has extensive experience designing and building complex business solutions for leading national and international retailers.  The firm combines infrastructure engineering competencies with a broad application development skill set to ensure your project succeeds where most fail-- at the intersections between your business applications and infrastructure support systems. 

From small to large systems, SAS consultants are able to address the most daunting technical challenges and the most demanding implementation timelines.

Commitment to Business Goals
Our technologists have all held senior positions with bottom line responsibilities for successful businesses
.  We learned long ago that technical experts can often lose track of business objectives in order to embrace interesting challenges or new technologies. 

South Accounting never introduces technology without knowing exactly how business needs are addressed.  We are not constrained to utilize only certain frameworks or vendor platforms.  We will always ensure that all reasonable alternatives are rigorously evaluated and that the lowest cost, highest value solutions and all important alternatives are proposed to client leadership before significant investments in development are made.  

No Surprises Project Planning and Executive Reporting
South Accounting Services uses a short-cycle work and report method to ensure the client is never surprised by how applications will perform, when they will be placed into production or by how much they will cost to implement.  Of course, there are always uncertainties in large development and integration projects, but South Accounting works hard to re-evaluate earlier projections and assumptions at each regular planning and executive reporting cycle meeting and at each significant project milestone. 

We also stand behind our work each and every day and never ask for long term commitments or engagement guarantees.  You can be sure that South Accounting personnel always know how our projects will affect your financials.


Web Development

Basic Sites that Effectively Present Your Brand for Cents per Day
Many smaller businesses simply need an effective presence on the web to properly promote their brand and to encourage web visitors to call or come in to become customers.   South Accounting can provide a turnkey site that you can be proud of; we can host that site for a very nominal amount; and, we can keep it updated for you as your business changes.  South Accounting can also help you advertise the site with local and global search engines and with community listing services.  A basic but brand-effective site can be up in weeks, for literally less than a dollar a day.

E-Commerce Sites that Drive Sales
South Accounting developers can also integrate an e-commerce capability for your site to drive internet sales to your business.  Our experts have built multi-million dollar web businesses for major retailers and manufacturers.  We are ready to help you build your web business with a custom solution for every size and type of e-commerce opportunity.  Challenge us and see how the web can actually be fun and profitable for you business. 

Web Applications that Integrate and Accelerate Business Operations
South Accounting can also deliver complex web applications you can use to leverage the web to power your business.  The web has become the standard that virtually everyone understands how to use for communications.  SAS web applications help all of your associates, customers and managers work together with current and accurate information.  When your business requires everyone to work together to meet ever more demanding customer expectations for service and for information, you can trust South Accounting to deliver robust web applications that keep things on track.

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